Follow these 8 simple step to setup POP3/IMAP on Samsung 

Step 1: Before start 

Make sure the following information is decided :

1 Email Address

2. Password 

3. Username 

Internet must be set up before proceed to next step 

Step 2: Select Email from menu of phone.

Step 3 : Enter Email Address and Password. Click SIGN IN


Step 4: A "Select Account Type" will appear. Choose between "POP3 account" or "IMAP account". 

Step 5: Under ACCOUNT tab, enter Username. Next, under state POP3 server as incoming server address 

Step 6: Scroll down. Under "OUTGOING SERVER" state SMTP Sever as Outgoing server address 

Step 7: Turn off "Authentication required before sending email". Next, click SIGN IN.

Step 8: Done! Email account is ready to use!