Teamviewer is a free software for non-commercial use, which can be used to access remote computers.

Installing Teamviewer on Mac:

1. Go to "Applications" folder on the left-side of Windows. Open web browser. 

2. Visit teamviewer website:  Click Here

3. Click Download Teamviewer button.  

4. Click the TeamViewer.dmg file in your download list. You can find your Download list on the right end of your Dock. 

5. Double-click Install TeamViewer.

6. Click Continue and then Continue button.

7. Click Agree button. 

8. Click Install. TeamViewer will install, which should just take a few moments. Enter your user password if prompted.  

9. Click Continue. If you are installing TeamViewer to connect to another computer, you can click Skip instead.

10. Create a password. This password will need to be entered when you're connecting to this computer. 

11. Click Finish. You can now either connect to this computer from another computer with TeamViewer, or start using the TeamViewer program to connect to a remote computer.

12. Note your ID and password. You'll see this in the TeamViewer window, and will need both to connect to this computer remotely.